The world’s chemicals at your fingertips

The world’s chemicals at your fingertips

Imagine a one-stop-shop for the chemical industry. An exciting online platform where customers can access the latest offers on materials, quantities and prices. Our specialized online sales platform is an exciting new venture with the potential to provide revolutionary new solutions in chemical purchasing.

Please note: these are dummy quantities and prices

The classic sales process is time-consuming and often constrained by phone calls, price negotiations, availability checks and more. Our vision is to make that process simpler, more transparent and more satisfying for customers. With this platform, you’ll be able to buy materials you need in the moment, at market-driven prices, in just a few clicks.

Benefit from a revolutionary new purchasing process

  • Select the deals that best fit your needs at a given time
  • Access the platform 24/7
  • Save time and effort in negotiating prices
  • Profit from cheaper costs
  • Enjoy more transparency

The online sales platform was born from one of our innovation workshops and has been gathering input from customers since 2016. Having gone live in 2017, the platform is still in continual development, with new features, payment methods and more being tested within the next months.

Please note: these are dummy quantities and prices

Our vision

Our aim is to push the boundaries of what customers can expect in the chemicals industry. We’re using customer feedback to drive these innovations. Where others see obstacles, we see solutions.

Imagine the same buying experience in business as in your daily life…

The platform is based on two key foundations. One is customer feedback: our aim is to provide a platform that truly answers today’s digital customer needs. The second is our ambition to bring the same level of personalization, flexibility and automation to B2B customers as to end consumers.

If you can pay with credit as a consumer, why not as a B2B customer?

Imagine flexible buying options for chemical materials…

Our vision is to offer customers an ever-changing selection of deals with fixed volumes, and prices based on real-time market conditions. We aim to offer a range of buying options from a quick one-time counteroffer, to early bird discounts or last-minute bargains. This provides a dynamic and flexible buying experience – perfect for SMEs.

Imagine creating your own personalized experience…

Customers are demanding simple, self-directed, 24/7 purchasing possibilities with instant decisions on price, materials and volumes at any given moment. In our vision, the customer enjoys a transparent sales process with the flexibility to choose lead times, destination and payment method.

Imagine a tech revolution in the chemical industry…

Our vision at Covestro is to create the new digital marketplace for chemicals. In the future, we’re even exploring options to open up the platform to third-party sellers.

To find out more about the platform, try out a demo version and help co-create how the tool could work for you in the future, contact:

Thorsten Lampe
Innovation Venture Manager

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