Taking innovation to the next level: introducing our APAC customers to Digital@Covestro

Taking innovation to the next level: introducing our APAC customers to Digital@Covestro

At our latest customer event in the Asia-Pacific region, we showed our customers how we’re bringing digital innovation to the polyurethane industry.

The event brought together customers from a range of industries to discuss key digitalization trends affecting the PUR industry, what these mean for the local market and the solutions and initiatives that the Digital@Covestro program has to offer.

Watch our “Customer Focus in APAC” video, starring our very own customers and Covestro colleagues.

The motto for the event was Innovation PLUS – PLUS standing for our ambition to upgrade innovation:

Productive – through digital advances to improve production efficiency

Leading-edge – providing state-of-the-art products as your supplier of choice

User-driven – always putting customer needs first

Sustainable – bringing sustainable solutions to differentiate your business

“The customer appreciation dinner was creative and well organized. Your senior bosses are very talented for their awesome performance of guitar and singing.”

Xinyuan, TDI customer

Key digital projects presented included our new online sales platform, our revamped Order@Covestro webshop and our digital technical support projects including Climate Correction and SlabExpert™.

However, the day was also about getting closer to our customers, understanding common opportunities and challenges and showing our appreciation for their support and confidence in us as a supplier.


Take a look at our video to see a recap of what Innovation PLUS brought to customers

“The content of the Innovation PLUS forum is very comprehensive. I’m impressed by the expert speaker. His speech was very logical and informative. The digitalization strategy of Covestro is very feasible including ongoing projects like digital R&D projects and online platform.”

Yuanming, artificial leather customer

The day included presentations on digital advancements in R&D, what our Digital Customer Journey means for the Asia-Pacific region and perspectives on how changes in the business-to-consumer (B2C) environment can influence business-to-business (B2B) industries. Meanwhile, a lively panel discussion with our customers Silan and Haier discussed how customers can manage the opportunities and challenges that come with an ever more digital business environment.

Speaking afterward, Bryan Ge, our APAC Digital Customer Experience Manager said: “This customer event has been a great opportunity to listen to our customers and exchange insights on digital transformation. We’re very encouraged to see customer interest in projects such as Order@Covestro 2.0 and are thrilled that some customers would also like to take part in our digital customer journey via the Customer Experience Factory.”

“This year’s event is an updated version of the event two years ago. It’s so creative and interactive. Covestro is always very close to the customers. Filming movies and interviews with their customers is a great idea.”

Yanfeng, automotive customer

Daniel Meyer, Head of Polyurethanes and Marius Wirtz, Head of Commercial Operations APAC, also addressed customers (even beginning their speeches in Chinese!) on the exciting possibilities that digitalization brings, whether in solving global challenges like climate change or harnessing the full potential of the Chinese market.

“China is not just our single biggest market but is also at the forefront of digitalization. The Chinese government strongly supports the transformation of the economy towards innovation, and the whole country is progressing rapidly down this path,” said Daniel. “At Covestro, we intend to lead the digitalization of the chemical industry with the same speed and skill that China has achieved in digital developments over the past few years.”

“Covestro’s digitalization strategy has some leading edge meaning and inspires us to develop corresponding strategies for our own company. Digitalization is in our daily business operation and even digital R&D, which we never thought before.”

Wanchao, automotive customer

Alongside opportunities to try out the new version of Order@Covestro as well as our new online digital sales platform, the day concluded with a customer dinner, music and dancing. Highlights included the solo guitar performance by Marius Wirtz and singing by Lily Wang, Head of Commercial Operations Greater China, Polyurethanes, and the China sales team.

“I’m feeling energized by the fantastic engagement of our APAC customers at our Innovation Plus event in Shanghai,” added Daniel. “It’s great to see how our Digital@Covestro strategy resonates with them and how we can jointly explore the benefits that digitalization will deliver to our business. And our talented APAC team is uniquely placed to make it happen. An incredible experience, many thanks to everyone present!”

Daniel Meyer
Head of Polyurethanes

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