Shape your digital experience

Shape your digital experience

We are constantly pushing boundaries in everything we do – and the experience we offer our customers is no different. We aim to provide cutting-edge digital solutions to meet every customer’s needs. That’s why we created the Customer Experience (CX) Factory, a dedicated feedback loop whereby customers share their experiences, questions and pain points and help us to continuously improve their digital journey at Covestro.

Together with our customers, we design and continuously innovate the digital experience.

The CX Factory connects our dedicated internal project teams with customers in ways that work best for them, be it through personal contact at trade fairs and other events, phone calls, participation in online surveys or testing new prototypes and tools.

Feedback takes place within our Customer Experience Board, a global community of customers stretching from multiple regions and a variety of industries. These customers are joining us on a journey where we adapt our offerings to match their needs.

Julia Fraunhoffer, Head of the Customer Experience Factory

“The Customer Experience Board is at the center of our digital innovation process. Our digital transformation will be formed by your needs. Together, we will create innovative digital tools that enable a tailored, efficient and seamless customer experience.” Julia Fraunhoffer, Head of the Customer Experience Factory.

Are you interested in being part of that journey? Then join our Customer Experience Board.

Customers’ role

  • State your current pain points
  • Give your opinion on our online solutions
  • Get access to and test the newest online tools
  • Experience new digital trends
  • Take part in digital innovation workshops

Customer benefits

  • Get prioritized access to new solutions
  • Shape collaboration processes that increase the efficiency of your daily work with us
  • Express your view and steer the direction
  • Be part of the digital transformation
  • Improve your experience of working with us

To be part of the Customer Experience Board and help shape your digital journey at Covestro, click here.

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