Remembering Richard Northcote

Remembering Richard Northcote

Remembering Richard Northcote

Covestro has lost one of its truly inspiring sustainability pioneers, Richard Northcote, who sadly passed away aged 58 on 20 June, 2018.

Richard took on the role of Chief Sustainability Officer when Covestro was created following its carve-out from the Bayer Group of Companies. He soon shone in the position which he was destined to call his own, not only inspiring others to join his sustainability movement, but by creating a positive legacy for the company and for the planet along the way.

He was an exemplar in steering a multinational company to significantly reduce its environmental impact while improving profitability. He championed the triple bottom line principle, or People Planet Profit, which is a business concept fully adopted by Covestro, that encourages the assessment of overall business performance based on these three important areas.

Furthermore, he was incredibly well respected within Government circles, NGOs, industry peer groups and among employees, all around the world.

Richard started out as a civil engineer before switching careers to become a journalist. He entered the chemical industry in 1996 with ICI and joined Covestro AG in 2009, where he served as Head of Global Corporate Communications and Public Affairs before becoming the company’s Chief Sustainability Officer in 2015.

We will remember him as a passionate, energetic, creative and visionary leader, who was a good friend to many. He had strong principles and was extremely conscientious. He also had a subtle sense of humor and natural charisma that meant he was a much-loved manager and colleague who developed enduring relationships with people in many different countries.

Richard was always available for guidance, support and advice, championing young people – especially girls – to be more engaged and inspired about opting for a career in science or engineering.

Our thoughts and sympathies are with Richard’s wife, his four children plus his family and friends. He will be sorely missed but we are deeply thankful to have known him and for his profound contribution to Covestro.


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