PUReWall addresses important construction challenges

PUReWall addresses important construction challenges

Covestro’s PUReWallTM is helping to solve two of the most challenging issues facing residential homebuilders in North America – the shortage of skilled labor and increasingly stringent energy codes. In the United States, the demand for housing is surpassing the availability of skilled labor needed to produce new homes. Covestro developed PUReWall™ with this issue in mind, helping move labor requirements from the job site to a production facility.

PUReWall™ panels are fabricated at an offsite panel construction facility (panelizer), which reduces the need for skilled labor at the jobsite. A completed PUReWall™ panel includes not only the wall frame, but also the insulation and weather resistant barrier. This means a completed wall is ready to be installed as soon as it arrives at the job site. It’s a structural, high efficiency wall assembly constructed of insulation materials that provide structural strength to the wall and function as both an air barrier and vapor retarder, providing long-term durability for years of comfortable living.

“The PUReWallTM system offers numerous benefits for panelizers, builders and homeowners,” says Jim Lambach, Manager of Building and Construction, Industrial Marketing, Polyurethanes at Covestro. “By utilizing our technology, panelizers are able to integrate higher levels of functionality and quality in a wall assembly that simplifies on-site construction for builders with less labor, waste and time. And overall, PUReWall™ is cost effective compared to traditional wall assemblies.”

PUReWall™ uses a polyisocyanurate rigid foam board as sheathing on the exterior of the wall assembly that acts as a layer of continuous insulation, which helps it meet stringent new energy code requirements.“The end product meets or exceeds International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) 2015 requirements, providing a better and more efficient wall assembly for homeowners,” Jim says.

In addition, PUReWallTM can be erected as much as 75% faster than with conventional construction methods. It allows for design flexibility and is scalable, meaning that through adjusting the insulation thickness it can be used in any climate zone and will meet code requirements. As labor shortages continue and the demand for housing continues to increase, Ian Hughes, PUReWall Commercial Development and Advocacy Manager says, “PUReWallTM goes a long way in helping alleviate some of the pain construction managers face in the field.

“Builders place a premium on building quickly and with minimal defects. With PUReWallTM, quality control of the dimensional accuracy, insulation installation and other pieces of the wall assembly are done before the wall leaves the plant, and that means faster and more accurate installation of components on the job site.”

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