Priorities for PUR in 2019:
Daniel Meyer’s take

Priorities for PUR in 2019:
Daniel Meyer’s take

What will 2019 look like for PUR? Take a look at our top priorities for this year according to Daniel Meyer, President and Head of Polyurethanes...

Daniel, what are your top priorities for PUR in 2019?
2019 will be an exciting year for us, with new challenges and a lot of bold ideas. We’ll be focusing on three major priorities:

  1. Drive long-term growth
  2. Boost efficiency and reduce costs for customers
  3. Cement our role as a trusted partner

How do you plan to deliver on those priorities?
We’ll be concentrating on five ambitious focus areas to make sure we achieve those goals:

What message would you like to give to our customers for what 2019 has in store?
Every year brings new things and change is now the new constant. That’s why we want to work together with customers and really live by this motto:

Ride the wave of change with us!

Let’s work together to make 2019 the most successful year so far!

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