It’s all about connections

It’s all about connections

“Our diverse and inclusive culture is like the open door that invites the neighbors in – it’s like the couch that’s perfectly placed in the room and when you sit down, it just feels right,” said Lanier Robertson, Head of Human Resources North America. “Our culture is what makes us the best house on the block.”

That was just one of the key messages in a series of powerful speeches at our second annual “Connect with Covestro” event at our North American headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The idea behind the event was to celebrate the everyday moments that have built the vibrant, inclusive and collaborative culture we have today, while strengthening connections with each other and the community.

The day kicked off with an employee lunch on the Pittsburgh campus, where colleagues were joined by their counterparts from Mexico and Germany to mark the completion of our first annual report dedicated to diversity and inclusion efforts in North America.

Dina Clark, Head of Diversity and Inclusion North America, delivered the opening remarks. She explained why the theme of the day – connection – is vital to our progress as a supportive culture.

Dina Clark, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, North America, and employees pose with the first Diversity and Inclusion annual report in hand.

“One of the most important things about inclusion is developing genuine relationships,” she said.

Next up was Michael Friede, Global Head of Coating, Adhesives and Specialties, who spoke about his involvement in our LGBT Employee Resource Group, and made the case for diversity for all.

“Employees should feel like they can be themselves at work. It’s good for productivity, but it also allows them to develop deeper relationships and to help them feel like they belong,” said Michael.

Jerry MacCleary shares the progress and aspirations of Covestro’s ongoing cultural journey.

In the evening, employees and Pittsburgh community leaders came together for a networking reception. Jerry MacCleary, Chairman and CEO of Covestro LLC, welcomed attendees, and he took the audience back to the beginning, when Covestro started on its journey as a brand-new company just two and half years ago.

“We had the unique chance to redefine ourselves,” said Jerry. “To build a culture that was as vibrant, bold and colorful as our new branding – one that would promote innovation, collaboration and authenticity. From day one, we knew that culture must include two key ingredients: diversity and inclusion.”

The event was made even more memorable with a giant-sized Connect 4 board game that served as both a backdrop for fun photo opportunities, as well as a visual reminder of the theme of the day.

“Our commitment to drive innovation must be directly linked to our willingness to support a vibrant, inclusive culture for our employees. That culture is built by making meaningful connections with one another,” added Dina.

Dina Clark, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, North America.

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