Introducing Christine Bryant

Introducing Christine Bryant


Every day is a new adventure, says Christine Bryant, our new Senior Vice President, Polyurethanes (PUR) North America.

She joined the PUR team in February after more than five years in the Coatings, Adhesives & Specialties (CAS) North America business unit, and was at Bayer before that. Here, she talks about her new role and her thoughts as one of Covestro’s senior female leaders.

Christine, welcome to PUR! How have your first two months been?
My two months in PUR have been fantastic. It is great working with a new team and learning about new markets.

What are your top three priorities in your new role?
Get to know the people in the organization and better understand the business are my first priorities. I want to meet all critical customers and start developing relationships. And I want to be in the position to support the PUR strategic initiatives.

How would you describe the main differences between the CAS and the PUR business?
Actually, when you look at the business units, there are many similarities – large strategic accounts and critical market segments. One critical topic is ensuring that I get the decimal point correct when discussing volumes. Here, the volume differences are significant.

The Women’s Leadership Council co-chairs, Christine Bryant and Tracy DeCock, senior vice president at PNC Bank, enjoy the evening celebration.

Last month we celebrated International Women’s Day – what are your thoughts as one of Covestro’s senior female leaders?
I think that it is wonderful to celebrate those women who have paved the way for all of us today, and for those individuals who continue to pave the way to support the forward progress of women. In my current role at Covestro and my co-chair position for the Women’s Leadership Council of the United Way, I am actively engaged in developing and supporting other women.

What are the top trends affecting your industry at the moment and how is Covestro geared to address these?
Consolidating market and increasing competition. The PUR Group developed segment and customer strategies in order to target critical markets and customers, which helped to optimize the PUR NAFTA business. This effort has been going on for a few years and is reviewed and updated regularly. We are adopting a highly customer-centric business model and are committed to finding the most innovative ways to server our customer. As we continue to strive to push boundaries and provide innovative solutions to modern challenges, we recognise the need to adapt to an ever changing business environment.

PUReWall one of the latest innovations from PUR NAFTA.

What would you say are key product differentiators of a company like Covestro?
Covestro has a unique position by offering and selling formulation systems in markets such as automotive seating and appliance. We are also well known for our technical service and support. From fashion to furniture, cars to construction, it seems the popularity of PU, with its inimitable flexibility and long-life durability, has never been in greater demand. Increasingly, consumers want their products, from the shoes they wear to the mattresses they sleep on, to combine beauty with innovation as well as comfort.

And finally, what gets you out of bed in the morning?
Every day is a new adventure. I enjoy what I do and am happy to work for a company that focuses on innovation and celebrates all employee contributions.

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