Covestro launches mobility days

Covestro launches mobility days

Covestro Mobility Day, Leverkusen, Germany

Our first ever Mobility Day offered automotive journalists an insight into the future, and showed the key role we’re playing in the development of sustainable mobility.

“It does not matter what mobility will look like in the future, Covestro will help shape it,” said Dr Markus Steilemann, future CEO of Covestro, during his welcome speech at the recently refurbished PCS Technical Center in Leverkusen, Germany.

Dr Markus Steilemann, future CEO of Covestro, and Professor Gerd Leonhard at our Mobility Day in Leverkusen.

With our high-performance material portfolio, we’re already offering groundbreaking future solutions and creating unique design spaces for our automotive industry customers.

During the day, Gerd Leonhard, Humanist, Futurist and Author, discussed his predictions for technology and humans.

“Consumer behavior with respect to the car will change dramatically: people will share vehicles and no longer own them. Within ten years, electric mobility will be a standard worldwide,” he told journalists.

He added that the automotive future “will not be possible without materials as they are produced by Covestro”.

As well as expert presentations from our Coatings, Adhesives, Specialties (CAS), Polyurethanes (PUR) and Polycarbonates (PCS) business units, journalists were given the opportunity to experience concept cars up close.

These included the “Sonnenwagen” solar car, which has been developed in collaboration with students from RWTH Aachen University and the FH Aachen for the most challenging solar car race in the world: the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia.

The original K67, the first plastic material car in the world, was also on show.

This special event, which took place on January 18th, is one of many activities we are planning around the world to delve deeper into the ever-changing landscape in order to identify the right material solutions that support the evolution of mobility.


Watch highlights from the first Covestro Mobility Day and hear the views of Professor Gerd Leonhard.

Covestro and Tongji University NEV workshop

Meanwhile in China, we held the 2018 Covestro-Tongji New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) Materials Workshop on January 12th in order to gauge industry insights and explore new ways in which we can further enable smart mobility.

The workshop, held in collaboration with the prestigious Tongji University, attracted 120 experts in the fields of advanced materials, alongside Professor Ding Han and Professor Ouyang Minggao from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

During the keynote speeches, Professor Ding introduced the latest trends of intelligent manufacturing, while Professor Ouyang spoke about the development trends of EV lithium battery technology.

As well as speeches, panel discussions and group brainstorming, guests were also invited to visit the Shanghai Automotive Wind Tunnel Center.

“With the joint efforts of the industry and academics, we are confident of generating a more impactful collaboration that explores more opportunities for the building of a beautiful China,” says Professor Yu Zhuoping, Assistant to President of Tongji University.

China’s government is working to end the sales of fossil-fuel-powered vehicles and has announced a strategy and action plan to boost the innovation and development of intelligent vehicles.

These advancements aim to ease air population in the country, curb its dependence on imported oil and seize the initiative in this emerging industry. We are dedicated to supporting their agenda with our innovative solutions.

“Covestro strives to work with our value chain partners in ushering China and the world into a future of sustainable city and smart mobility,” says Bjoern Skogum, President of Covestro China.”

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